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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by azrae1l View Post
to start out small, to do a show of roughly 1000 to 2000 people, it costs me on an average of about $8000 not including alcohol and depending on just how much equipment and personnel you need for the show. now given i own my own sound system large enough to accommodate that pretty easily, i have 2 decent sound guys in my band and most of the other bands that we do this with also have several guys that can do the job, several fairly big friends that do security for free and we sell our own merch. i'd say it will probably be more then $8000. if we actually fill the place which we usually don't get 2000, average around 12-1500 per show, we sell tickets for $10-$15 depending on how many bands, usually 6-8 we can make $20,000 for a pretty good show so take out my initial investment of $8000, then wages for the people we do have to hire and all the little things, we're usually left with around $10,000 divided up between 8 bands is $1250 per band then take out what each band had to pay out of pocket for merch that didn't get sold we might make $150-200 a person after it's all said and done. results probably very but thats a rough estimate of what your looking at.

shirts cost on average $6 bucks to print, more for larger sizes, cd's if you buy i've seen anywhere from $2-$6 bucks each. if you do your own the right equipment will cost you around $2500 and supplies around $1500 for i think 1000 cd's but i'd have to double check the quantities, might be 1500.

for the most part the rest is all leg work making phone calls to city and state offices for permits, venues for rates and bookings, advertising in which ever way you can get it, placing orders and all that good stuff.

selling your cd's in stores, you'd have to call the major outlets corporate office and get their supplier, then call them and find out what you need to get them to start dealing your product which will require previous sales and demand statistics and god knows what else but your going to have to prove what you have sells and that they want it. i only deal with 2 local stores that cater to local bands so i'm not completely sure of what a full blown distributor is going to require.

there's starting small, if you can swing the money and time, go for it there's nothing stopping you from trying. but i can tell you we've lost money doing this several times and others we couldn't pull it off at all due to legal reasons others we made money so there is still no guarantee...
This is a gem of a post. Obviously lots of experience in the real world of music promotion here. Things that don't often get considered when fantasizing about promoting your own event. I've got acouple friends who are promoters, and even this sketch that azrae1l has spelled out is pretty bare-bones depending on what kind of show you are doing. Again, very good post.
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