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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post

And that's the quandary: a band staying their course, while the public changes.

It's important to remember, the public decides how much popularity a band gets, and how long they can keep it. That doesn't mean that a band needs to constantly change its music or style to remain popular, but there's a fine line between sticking to one's roots, and being a chameleon. I don't know of anyone who's sustained a career strictly doing either.

Your post reminded me of Johnny Maestro who had one hit with Jimmy Webb's I Heard You're Getting Married back in '68 when the Brooklyn Bridge were a pseudo R and B doo-wop vocal group already playing in a style past the current trends. But Johnny remained a respected talent and even became a legend, singing until he died earlier this year at 70.

You have so many bands and musicians out there that have been doing this for forty or fifty years. People tend to get caught in the glamor of the biz, having a big name band and having an impact. But most musicians are doing what they love, regardless of trends, regardless of mainstream popularity. They find their niche and they stay with it. Sometimes they may have an unexpected hit or revival. That is a hard feat even for those who become mega hit super groups. The Four Seasons, "Oh, What a Night" comes to mind, or the revue on Broadway. The Eagles hit with Capaldi/Carrack's Love Will Keep Us Alive in another or John Fogerty's Centerfield. I would wonder if there were ever a one hit wonder group who stayed the course and had another hit ten or twenty years later.
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