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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
It's not a matter of not agreeing with you. It's a matter of you not knowing what you're talking about. Your ignorance of how the whole music business combine works is profound to say the least. You're chasing rainbows, brother.

The title of this thread is "Getting Funded By a Record Label." But what you're saying is that your intention is to not be funded by a record label so you won't owe that record label any money.

So what would you even need a record label for, exactly?
What credits do you have to say that im wrong and your right?

The whole purpose of having a label would be for promotion and distribution. As well as an in to bigger markets that would be hard for one to get to on their own. But it could be done on our own dime just through the label.
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