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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Drummingman, in all honesty this is becoming an all too frequent pattern. You start threads and then disagree with every single, sound peice of advice you ever get offered. You don't find the answers you want to hear and so start another thread with a different title.....only to draw the same conclusions. Everyone else is clueless and you somehow know better.

I'm all for forging "your own path", but the constant refusal to take on ANY advice is wearing mighty thin.

Lets break a couple down, hey.
The "drumming shoes' thread: Not one solid peice of advice was taken on board. A good dozen posters told you to save your pennies, yet you'd spoken to ONE person "who said they were great" and that was enough. So I said "ok then, you sound like you're convinced, if you want them, buy them". Have you?

The "where do I move to start a christian band" thread (or threads....there were a couple). You flipped between at least 6 or 8 cities by the end. You started with one or two, then proceeded to throw darts at a board and just name one city after another. I told you how to get in contact with christian musos in each city......advise ignored. Have you moved yet? Have you made ANY attempt to find those which you seek?

The "how to make a living playing drums thread". plenty of advice offered in that one. first and foremost, was to get a band together. Again, nothing. Just solid, sound advice ignored because you "don't agree".

The "Demon Drive" fact, two threads asking the exact same question....purely because you didn't want to accept what you heard first time round.

I like you mate, I really do (it's the sole reason why I keep posting even though it falls on deaf ears), but it's time to get real and stop wasting people's time. You get replies on all topics that are offered in good faith, by people wanting to help and wanting to see you succeed. Yet you don't act on a single thing. It's wearing thin man. At 34, it's time to get realistic......wake up and smell the roses mate. If you want to make this happen, then MAKE IT HAPPEN, but you've at least gotta make a start somewhere and it can't be done whilst your disagreeing with every single soul that is trying to help you along. Get off your computer and live a little......take the plunge and see where it leads. I don't care what you choose to do.......but please, for the sake of my sanity, just do. The constant indecision is killing me.

In good faith and with the best intentions,

I get peoples thoughts and sometimes i disagree with them. Thats not wrong to do.

I plan on buying the shoes.

I have chosen a city after doing a bunch of research.

I wont be getting a band together till i get to that city.

I had forgotten that i made the first demon drive thread (i did not start another one just cause i did not like what i heard in the first one).

Im not wasting peoples time. Im just seeing what they think. Does not mean that i have to agree with them. I have a plan and i am working towards that plan as is.
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