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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

now i've never been signed by a major label, but i'm under the impression that when you sign that contract your basically an employee. they tell you when you'll be touring, when your shows are, what days and what times and they fund it. in return they take a percentage of the earnings as cost and profit and you get whats left over after everybody has taken their cut.

when you release an album they advance you the money to record, they produce those cd's, distribute them, cover all the radio play and in return they take the money that is made, deduct the advance, again take their cuts across the board and you get whats left.

i know i don't know all the facts of the contracts but i don't see being in debt to them unless you bail on a tour or fail to record your albums in which case your in breach of contract and the last thing you have to worry about then is being in debt. they take their money back before you see a penny. so i'm pretty sure your logic there is slightly scewed...

for your dreams of not being in debt, thats called starting your own label, lots of people do it. become an indie band. it'll cost you a small fortune, i've done plenty of DIY shows and their not cheap, license are a bitch, even worse if it's liquor. advertising sucks and then finding half way decent people to run the show while you play is a nightmare, bartenders who do more drinking then serving, security thats busier getting stoned out back then doing what your paying them for, decent sound guys. all that costs money and lots of it. making cd's is actually easy once you got the master recording, hell i picked up the stuff off ebay reasonably cheap and do all our own plus several other bands 1000's at a time, cost you on average $1.50 give or take 75 cents depending on the booklet and artwork and such for a retail ready shrink wrapped product. now going around to music stores especially giant chain stores is a bitch and normally takes forever just to get in contact with the proper people. it can be done all on your own if you got a ton of cash upfront and a butt load of time to dedicate but none the less it can be done.

now if you wanna sign with a label that won't give you any money and won't do jack to help you and never expects anything back from you, i do know of one........
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