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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Really? Then please, tell us of these ways that a band won't be in debt to their record company by making albums and going on tour.

Where's all the money coming from? Who's paying the people with the marketing expertise, who's paying the people who track radio stations for airplay, who's negotiating with promoters, who's paying the touring crew, who's paying for hotels and food?

If you have answers to these questions then please, share them with us.
The way that i think that it can be done is building it up yourself as a band. I think that the band has to start small and expand as they get bigger. Meaning, self fund the first cd and play as many shows as one can to support that cd. Try to get on small regional tours to promote the album. From there try to get on bigger tours.

With the money that the band makes from the album and tours fund other albums and more tours. As the albums make more money and as the tours gross more use those funds to fund even better albums (meaning production wise) and bigger tours.

The same goes for funding advertisements and press for the band and hiring and road crew and things like that. Most small bands only take 1 or 2 extra people with them on the road at first (usually one roady and a merch person) to help out. Its very DIY and the band does most of the lugging and things like that.

I admit that i dont have all the answers by any means. I am just not content to say "every band goes in debt and so will mine". This does not sit well with me. If i find there is absolutely no other way to do it accept by going into some debt then ok. But im going to do everything i can and learn everything that i can to keep my band from going into debt before i accept that a band has to go into debt to get things done. Again, im leaning as i go but i dont think its good to just accept things in the music business just because something has always been done one way.
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