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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

drummingman I really hope you don't take this the wrong but this really is one of the craziest things I've ever read on here and you are purely dreaming my friend.....

You have had very little to do with the record industry hey?

My goal is to stay out of debt, well hello welcome to the rest of the billions on this planet.........

For sure you can live without debt if you want to live in your car, never get married and's the big mouse wheel of life and not jumping on well is almost impossible these days I'm afraid...

I think that a band should find a way to where they dont have to go into debt with their label to make an album or to fund a tour or to distribute their album when they make one. I think that a band should save the money themselves to make their own albums and to finance their own tours. I think that once they get going in this way that they can keep doing this better and better with the money that they make from each new album and each new tour. That way the albums can get better production and the tours can get bigger and bigger.
I nearly stopped reading after this and I'm not going to go into breaking down everything you say............

Pray tell how does the band hope to fund this Tour? Do you have any idea how expensive life on the road is? Finance it yourself, you'd be saving for five years and all of the band having to live on the streets to finance this..........come five years you've missed your chance

Plus what makes you think you'll make money on tour to finance the next one!!

Seriously mate get a drawing pin and stab yourself in the arm to wake yourself up......

I think that if a band cant afford to distribute a huge number of albums without going into debt with their label that they should just distribute all that they can until they can afford to distribute more albums. This may take longer to get albums into more fans hands but it will keep the band out of debt with the label and ultimately put more money in the bands pocket
Is this a many debut albums do you think a band sells after it's been out for a year and they are not touring to promote it because they don't want to get into 'debt' to tour........

Mate you couldn't give the album away.............
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