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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by theindian View Post
Not entirely true. I know you said major label career but don't forget their 4 independent releases. It was really bad hair metal & even the Cowboys From Hell album has a hint of hair metal. Especially Phil's vocals, a la Rob Halford. It wasn't until Vulgar Display that they found their sound & went really heavy groove metal. I guess what I am saying is that they followed trends too, & if they didn't they would not have had as much sucess. Even if it is not blatantly obvious most band either a) follow trends or b) experiment w/ a new direction.
Thats why i did not talk about those albums. It took them awhile to find their sound. I dont think they followed any trends though. They pretty much started the style of groove metal that they did. Then lots of bands tried to copy them (Fight comes to mind with Halford). But they also kept expanding their sound from Vulgar through Reinvening the steel. They kept growing which was what kept them fresh sounding. But they stayed true to their musical vision from what i can tell. I also want the band that im in to keep expanding our sound while staying true to our musical vision. Growing is a good thing as long as a band is expanding their sound for the right reason/reasons.

I do think that bands experiment with new directions all the time. As long as they are doing it because thats what they really want to do and not because thats what they are being told to do and not because they are trying to jump on a trend to cash in then i think it can be a good thing.
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