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Default Re: World Hunger and the 40 Hour Famine

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
You're right there. You shouldn't have started this thread. Listen mate if you really want to help people in need, why don't you sell your computer and your drumkit, quit your job and sign up to an aid agency, then do us all a favour and bugger off to africa where they actually need the help?
A bit tough there, Eddie. People can still do something, even if it's not sacrificing their entire lifestyles.

Gusty is touched by this issue and I say good on him. It's easy to do nothing in the face of huge forces that are waaay out of our control, but if everyone chooses an issue or two that are important to them and makes a contribution, it's better than nothing. You might not save the world but you might improve a few people's lives.

There are heaps of issues out there - starving kids, local poverty, women's rights in developing countries, the homeles, cancer/heart/whatever research and funding, mental health, bullying, unemployment, animal cruelty, supporting the arts, wilderness preservation, creating opportunities for young people ... the list goes on and on.

Pick a cause ...
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