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Default Re: Drummerworld Avatars (Top ten)

Originally Posted by Homeularis View Post
I have downloaded all my images into my computer but I cant find them to upload them. I looked in my pictures and documents sections, and still nothing. Even if I did find them, I probably couldnt figure out how to load from there to here.
I need some pretty detailed instructions. Im kinda of a computer Newb to a degree.
I can't give EXACT instructions 'cause I dont' know what browser or OS you're using...

I'm on Windows/Firefox, so I'd do:

- Right click the image (like in your post above).
- Click Save Image As...
- Change to a directory/folder that you'll remember (like My Documents\My Pictures), then hit Save.
- Click the User CP link in drummerworld.
- Goto Edit Profile Image.
- Hit the Browse button (under "Option 2")
- Change to the folder you saved the image to
- Double click the image
- Hit the Save Changes button
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