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Default Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

Originally Posted by Porker69 View Post
Thanks Tuxido, It's my first mac so I'm a noob.

Drums: 1960's Ludwigs, 1975 Slingerland Snare (have it), Zebra wood stave (side snare) or 5x14 60's Supra.
Cymbals: Bosphorous: 15" New orleans hats, 24" new orleans ride, 18" Traditional Thin Crash, 20" Wide Ride, 20" Pang Thang, 12" Traditional Splash, and Finally 22 Antique flat ride.
Pretty close to getting the kit except cymbals. just have to get the 20" bass and the 16" floor and second snare. I will most likely keep it as the smaller set though.

So Close, yet So Far!
stanton moore fan possibly?
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