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Default Darren Jessee

OK so this thread is a little late, since Darren Jessee was the drummer for Ben Folds Five, and they broke up 10 years ago. I don't think he's played drums on any recordings since--though he is singer/songwriter in his band Hotel Lights.

Anyway, any other fans of his drumming for Ben Folds Five? That band's songs are some of my favorite to play along to because I think his drumming just fits the song perfectly every time. And they're fun to play, too. Darren has a nice swing to his playing. I read somewhere that he was a big jazz drummer and loved Elvin Jones, though he played pop. I can easily hear a jazz sensibility in his playing. To add to his great drumming he often provided some of the classic Ben Folds Five backing vocals.

If you've never heard of him before, or heard any Ben Folds Five songs, there are plenty of videos of the band on youtube, and studio tracks too.

For starters, I think Darren's drum track on the studio version of Steven's Last Night in Town, from Whatever and Ever Amen, is flawless throughout. Check it out here

Here are some other great videos:
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