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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
The record labels have a huge amount to do with whether a band stays on top, especially in the mainstream. If the label doesn't have faith that a band's album has potential, they won't touch it, that's happened to some very big acts over the years. Their alternative is to follow label orders as to what an album should sound like - what producer/songwriters to work with, arrangements etc.

There are very few bands that get to release what they want, when they want and maintain success.
I must argue in this case that that may be how it is for some bands and definitely how it's been in the past. But with the advent of the internets and iTunes, I've seen artists just sell their music online and make a pretty good income off of just that.

I know we're talking about mass acceptance, but it is possible to make a living using the DIY approach. Hell, Terry Bozzio said the best thing he ever did was just go off and do his own solo drumming tours - no record label to make happy, and every gig sustained everything he was doing because he was reaping most of the profits. Granted, he's a rare case, but people do it.

He's a prime example of 'making it' because he had a record out and became a success, I know. But he was playing alot before Missing Persons so I always wonder what would've happened if MIssing Persons hit a little later and went with the internet DIY approach as opposed to being handled by a record company?
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