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Originally Posted by Funky CrÍpe View Post
have to say I agree with you there. Tony's playing is super hot on that record....i think i waas thrown a bit by the different feels of the music. One one hand it doesnt really swing that much for me, but then on the other, it is a beautiful flowing feel that tony gives. Maybe he is just pushing the tempo? Which is kind of a trademark of his, and the opposite in elvin's case. But yeah, still "swinging"
Tony's whole thing was about the buoyant forward floating moving propulsion of the swing beat and pulse in the music.... the constant feeling of a plane accelerating leaving the runway into the air so to speak. What you're probably hearing is the conceptual differences between both music and player but don't kid yourself both Elvin and Tony swing hard coming from the same root "swing" jazz tree. Just 2 different ways of conceptually expressing it for {and within} the music for my ears has always been my take on the subject.

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