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Default Re: World Hunger and the 40 Hour Famine

The 40 Hour Famine is an Oz and Kiwi based charity event. Other countries do 30 hours (US and Canada) or 24 hours (UK):

On an international forum it's best to ensure that those who are unfamiliar with the event are on the same page. Instead of calling guys "ignorant" for not knowing about an Australian based charity (why should they, they don't live here and an event such as this is highly unlikely to gain any international press), it's probably better to inform and educate them of the details so that they understand exactly what it is you're setting out to achieve.

Gusty's bro, you may not be familiar with the structure of this forum, but as stated above it's better to educate than insult. Poll's dead right, "You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar". :-)

Me? I give to three charities each year Gusty, World Vision is not one of them.....then again, a hell of a lot of others miss out as well. I do what I can, but I can't give to everybody mate.
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