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Originally Posted by BrewBillfold View Post
I can't say I really agree with that assessment (that Elvin is swinging at a similar fast tempo unlike Tony), but also, what I really care about is whether something grooves rather than swings. Having to "swing" in this context I see as more of a purist concern.
Well if you're looking at something in context and the context is a form of swing based based music it sure is nice when it "swings" like hell either at the hands of Tony or Elvin or others.

You can't just say well it grooves without taking a serious look and understanding of the context {and content} of the swing elements in the mix in this type of jazz based setting to this jazz veteran player's ears.

Lots of things can groove but not all of them can swing or be called swing based in its conceptual content on a case by case basis. Makes sense? Does to me....

Oh and Tony is swinging like crazy on Nefertiti or on the uptempo track Hand Jive just as much as Elvin does on with Coltrane on many of the live recordings at these burning tempos...all fits perfectly into the core conceptual roots and elements of swing based drumming and music. A different conceptual approach to uptempo swing by each drummer...yes...but the core elements of "swing" is still there in spades on both counts though.


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