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Default Re: World Hunger and the 40 Hour Famine

Gusty, this morning as I walked from the station to the office I passed a bundle of blankets curled up by the wall, inside that bundle was a lost soul. Probably someone with mental illness. Probably someone who has been picked up but has fallen back down again many times. Not everyone turns out well.

I don't think globally. There are too many powerful and unsavoury forces conspiring to make people suffer. It's all too big. All you get from the top of the tree are manipulations and distortions - be it from politicians, the business leaders who pull their strings, the media, religious leaders, etc. In pretty well all societies, too.

What do I do? I give a little charity with each pay, do a little online community work, help out family & friends, and consume resources moderately - my main indulgence being bad drum-related purchases :)

Good luck with the 40-hour famine. It can't be much fun. I was on fluids only for two days before having an old-person-medical-test earlier this year - bleagh
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