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Default World Hunger and the 40 Hour Famine

In Australia, the 40 Hour Famine started about 6 minutes ago. For me, no food and as little water as possible over the next 40 hours (hopefully none).

I feel pretty strongly about world issues such as poverty and hunger, to the point where I think about it pretty much all day. Personally, I think the western/developed world has had it way too good for the past century or so (maybe not as long for black/indigenous people or women), and for the world to go forward, our lifestyle has to go backwards. All the time I think, why do we have so much money and food (among many other things), when so many people are suffering right now. Over one billion people are under the poverty line, living on under US$1 a day. It makes me sad and frustrated when I see people with cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and houses worth millions. Don't these people care?

What do you think about these issues, and what are you doing to help out? I know things like the global financial crisis has made it harder for those in a lot of developed nations, but remember, it has hit the developing and under-developed world much harder.
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