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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
I think that you are right. Pantera did the same thing with limited video and airplay. So now the questions become: how does one develop a rabid fan base that is so commited to the band that they will still with the band through think and thin?
Achieving cult success: Either focus on a particular type of audience that already exists, and work on having the qualities that those fans admire (which you might have to research if you're not already a member of that cult audience)--not just musical qualities, but image, attitudes, etc., or try to create your own scene from scratch. The latter is obviously harder, as you need to build up something that people can identify themselves as--it's like creating a lifestyle marketing campaign. Both require years of persistent hard work, including touring in the "roughing it" way. It's always a grassroots campaign--almost like you're a politician. You've got to get out there and shake hands. Get people to like you enough that they start doing word of mouth promotion for you.
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