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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
True. In the Rush video, they admitted that they lost alot of fans in the 80s when they went too keyboard-y .
Not to get off topic, but the funny thing they didn't mention in the movie was those albums sold better than all their previous albums, save Moving pictures.

Prior to Moving Pictures, their albums went gold, and Rush was mostly an opening act. MP went multi-platinum they started headlining stadiums. All those "keyboard" albums went platinum out of the gate, and they never opened for anyone again. The back catalog didn't go platinum until all those new fans went back and bought up their back catalog.

Anyhow, sorry to digress.

To the question, that's a tough one. A few things help, like keeping the band intact, and not losing members to infighting, drugs, and such. Arguments over sharing profits and credits tends to be a big one that leads to break ups.

Another one is avoid being too trendy. Look at the 80's and how many bands crashed and burned because the public got tired of the big hair and spandex. Grunge had some of the similar problems later on when that sound go over saturated on the radio.

The main thing is song writing. The problem with so many bands is after x-number of years, they just plain run out of good ideas. And that's nothing that can be planned for, or avoided if it happens. Most bands don't even realize they've run out of ideas until long after their albums stop selling.
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