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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Bo and his distracting avatar are exactly right. You build a fan base by going to the fans - playing live shows. Take Rush again, for instance. For their first few tours they were playing close to 250 shows a year. That's more days than kids go to school in the US in a year. That built them their fan base. In their case, the fan base has become generational. They still tour as often as possible and concentrate very heavily on communicating their live show, because their fans respond so well. Every tour since the Counterparts tour has had a live album and video released - which sounds like a copout, right? No, it's smart. The fans snap 'em up.

Another important thing to do is to not do sudden one-eighties that alienate your fan bases. Previous posters already talked about Rush's synth period, but I'm also thinking about Metallica and how they had a quick 1-2-3 of the Napster brouhaha, S&M, and St. Anger. That's when they lost me, for instance.

Being reliable is also important. Every time you have to take long hiatuses from playing, recording, or performing because someone's in rehab or because someone can't be bothered to show up, you hemorrhage fans. The public has a short attention span, and in the end there's so many musicians for them to choose from, they won't wait too long for you to get your stuff together.
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