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Default Re: What sustains a bands popularity

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
I think that you are right. Pantera did the same thing with limited video and airplay. So now the questions become: how does one develop a rabid fan base that is so commited to the band that they will still with the band through think and thin?
True. In the Rush video, they admitted that they lost alot of fans in the 80s when they went too keyboard-y and especially when they introduced a rap in "Roll the Bones". It took them some time to sort all that stuff out but they eventually got back on their track. But their fan base was huge before that point in time too.

When you look at these bands, you notice they're always out playing. Kiss and Rush were especially always out and doing shows. To some degree, the Police did the same thing back in the day. Always touring and staying on a budget so they could stay out there in the public eye. Bonnie Raitt also comes to mind as a road warrior, she had been out on the road for a lifetime before she was even considered for Grammy.
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