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Originally Posted by jazzkidding View Post
I also listened to Dark Side Of The Moon hundreds of times and I was not a junkie or anything, just loved the music, but never really focused on the drumming parts very much until now and I see what a lot of you are saying about the genius of leaving things out to add to the over all musical effect. However, I am a bit disturbed (and this will reveal my naivety about the music business) about the Jim Keltner interview in Drum head magazine mentioned here by DrumEatDrum were Nick was replaced by a session drummer while he sat by reading a magazine. I have read about the cut throat dealings that can occur in the music business but the insensitivity of it all is a total turn off and I question why anybody would want to be part of that. I though session drummers were used to do the boring work in the studio mostly because the band members could not be bothered with it. But this is different and requires re-evaluating everything.
I would not worry too much about it in this case. By that album Pink Floyd was a household name and the band was working on its own terms. Not always the case though
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