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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Did anyone read the Jim Keltner interview in Drum head magazine? He discusses when he got called into play in Pink Floyd's "Momentary Lapse of Reason" album. He said Nick just sat in the studio reading magazines, not the least bit concerned that the producer was having someone else record his tracks. Jim's take was that "Nick's playing had sold 100 million records, what else does he have to prove?"
Typically, a session guy gets brought in to a recording scenario for a band's drummer if he can't cut it in the studio.

Nowadays, many bands that have a drummer that is a sideman for live playing may have an altogether different drummer for recording an album.

So, I can only assume that Nick Mason's reasons for not playing on the album were ultimately his choice. Not feeling like he has anything to prove makes sense. I think he got bored with drumming there for a while and was only interested in auto racing and producing music occasionally.

Producers, especially very famous and prolific ones that have the complete confidence of the record company, can weild enormous influence on which musicians can be selected for a recording.

I read somewhere that Chris Daughtry had known and been playing with Joey Barnes (drummer) before his first album came out. Since he was probably "handled" extensively for the production of the album, there was probably no question that a studio ace would be brought in to record the drums for his first album. Josh Freese recorded all the drums and percussion for that album.

Second time around, Daughtry probably had more say in the production of the album and Joey had proven himself thoroughly. Great drummer BTW.

I love Nick Mason's playing and I don't think any less of him for not drumming on one of Pink Floyd's albums.
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