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Originally Posted by MisterMixelpix View Post
You're an inspiration Derek. Make another DVD!
I'm actually working on one now! Haha.

Originally Posted by Deathtoll View Post
Hey there Derek, i'm a little confused because there are still websites saying you play Sonor and on your website I see you are now playing DW. Could you clarify which one you are currently playing for? Thanks!Cheers!
Yep...moved to DW and I'm very happy there. Great drums...Great people.
Yeah...websites aren't the quickest to update sometimes. Haha.

Originally Posted by dale w miller View Post
Being someone which speed was never a strength, the reason I continue to search is the failure. After years of doing it one way and it not working, I now noticed that there are so many younger players playing much faster than even the speed demons did while I was growing up. I cannot help myself but want to try what they are doing.

That said, I will always be an experimental and feel based drummer. That is just my whole approach but I am open enough to see the musicality in what players like yourself are doing. I would just love to be able to pull out a a few measures of half the speed some of you all are doing for emphasis/energy sake.
Having read this... I'd say your best bet is to buy a physics book and work with motion.

The reason you're not getting there isn't because of "technique" it's because your body doesn't understand what you want it to do. Many techniques can get you to this point and, I find that you need all of them.... to get there. So, it's not a verdict of "one or the other".

What I mean is....if you're trying to play top tempos...with the same motion you use for show'll never get there. Playing the same way for each tempo...confuses the body...and, that's how you hurt yourself.

Use your feet...with the same physical principles as your hands.

Originally Posted by sonorplayer View Post

Does anyone know if Derek has posted any videos of his new DW kit? I've been looking around and can't can't find any videos. But weeks ago he said they'd be posted soon.

Anyone know anything?
Waiting on DW for that. What we did wasn't part of the "It's a DW" campaign. So, I will be in a new series of ad's that will hit very soon.
I've been out of town for the last several months and just haven't had time to set up the camera's, etc.....I do have some free time coming up but, hey....better busy than not I guess! Haha.
I'll get to em' eventually. LoL.

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
Hello Derek!

So a few months ago I broke a toe on my left foot and I was unable to work on and double pedal-ing for 6 weeks. I'm finally getting back into it but a problem I've been having is starting a double kick pattern (single strokes leading with the right). I practice slowly to a metronome (to build evenness) but I always seem to stumble the first few notes. What do you suggest I do to remedy this?

That stumbling you speak of is a balance problem. Just keep working your feet in equal time increments...and, you'll work yourself out of it.
There's also an exercise in my book that trains your mid section for this type of balancing.
You simply sit at your throne....and, lift your feet about 3 inches off the ground. (Without curing them under your seat or arching your back.)
That's a killer! Haha.

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