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Default Re: Educational Supplies Rant

Originally Posted by Snare View Post
I couldn't help but laugh when I read this. I go to a high school in Maryland also and our marching band looks like it's in close to the same situation. But, there's only 3 people on marching bass, including myself, and a kid who's been playing drums for two weeks who's on snare. That's our battery for one movement of a three movement show. For the last two movements, we go into the pit. On the third movement, my brother is playing ride cymbal, china cymbal, and concert snare and I'm playing a floor tom with a head that I broke last year. That's our makeshift drum-set (Edit: we have a drum-set made of 4 different brands, but decided not to use it) Despite this, we still managed to be the #1 group 1 band in Central Maryland, #20 in the Mid-Atlantic.

We have a crap budget also, $400 for the entire year, the concert band/marching/jazz/piano/guitar/music theory teacher uses it to buy 3 cheap guitar every year. Luckily we have a ton of fundraisers at Ravens games and parents who manage to scrape up enough for buses to competitions and uniforms. The weird thing is that the school just spent $2 million for new turf on the track and our school's team sports suck (football was 0-10 in 2008, 1-9 2009). Strange that our crap sports teams win over the award winning music programs.

Wild guess, do you go to school in St Mary's county? (if not, Calvert County?)
Yes Snare, I go to school at the edge of the earth.

Oddly enough, your profile picture is my band's concert snare.

But dang, it seems like you really are worse off than us. We at least have a ton of pit stuff, of varying age and quality. I'm going to assume you're somewhere near Baltimore?
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