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Default Re: The Roots? Any other good Hip-Hop and R&B bands out there?

Originally Posted by Crazy8s View Post
A Tribe Called Quest, Q-tip's solo stuff, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys, Mos Def, Outkast are a few.

The Roots are pretty hard to compare to though, they are pretty unique for what they do. ?uestlove is rock solid on the drums! He totally has a Bonham vibe that ? applies to hip-hop.
I know. ?uestlove doesn't seem to have a problem with hanging around one solid groove, but when he goes in for a fill, it completely fits the moment. But I've listened to a little Outkast/Andre 3000 in the past, just started listening to Mos Def. I completely forgot about The Neptunes, although they seem to do a little bit of everything.

Listened to the Fugees also, liked fu-gee-la and Killing me Softly so far. Still haven't found any group that matches The Roots, it's rare that I love 12 songs on a 14 song album.
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