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Default Re: Ok, I give up ...

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
I am certain there are some plugins for streaming audio. You can also embed just about anything in a WordPress-based site. However, having YouTube videos embedded in any site is actually very good for SEO. If I were you I'd leave them embedded but you may be seeking a certain look and feel.

Since you are skilled with code, you could use the Starkers template and achieve a high degree of customization. I'm not so skilled so I rely on tweaking ready-made templates, which still works very well.
Interesting ... ta for the info, DMC.

SEO isn't a big thing for me, since the idea is for the site to augment business cards.

I guess I was looking at replacing the YouTubes because I read that they are a bit of a security risk. That could be the case for any embedded video but I don't know.
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