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Default The Roots? Any other good Hip-Hop and R&B bands out there?

I began to really listen to "The Roots" back in May when I heard that their new album, "How I Got Over", was coming out (now my favorite album). I'd only seen them while flipping through channels, across The Jimmy Fallon Show, and heard two or three songs from their '99 and '02 (or '01) album. This made me think,"Wow, the Roots are one of the best Hip Hop groups in the game", yet they get relatively little attention compared to the crap that the public/people my age (16) listen to. It was pretty refreshing to hear an R&B/Rap group actually playing acoustic instruments with thoughtful lyrics. There's no auto-tune, no synthesizer, no drum machine, and excellent lyrics not about money, sex, profitting off of drugs, or women. I mean who wants to hear an artist rap or sing about what they have and what you don't have? lol

But, what other good (somewhat current) Hip Hop and R&B bands are there? It seems really hard to find bands or groups in this genre of music since everything is just automated now.

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