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Default Re: suggestion - yeah another one....

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
The biggest problem I see with gear questions on the forum are the ones that start off with, "What is the best.........." Fill in the blank. I try to ignore those because you get 25 answers that are mostly opinion and since we don't know the person and their taste, or their budget, those questions are all but impossible to answer.
unfortunately it appears most of the forum is this way, which is why i thought it would help. even when somebody says "i'm looking to get this sound" still tons of people answer with remo is the best head, no, evans is the best head. thats great and all and i enjoy those posts looking at others point of views and hearing all the opinions on gear and especially looking at all the pictures... mmmmmmmm. when i want to know what a 10 mil 2 ply coated reso would sound like i hate wading threw 100's of "ec2's are the best, no, amb's are the best, i love attack and aquarian is my favorite" and maybe, just maybe after a few hours of reading and searching somebody will say 'well a 2 ply head will create this sound, coated will change it this way and the thickness means this". i think it would be very helpful just to be able to go to one article, read it and decide for myself if thats the sound i want and rather or not i should waste my money to try it.

then again it could also be very educational to those of use who really don't understand how all these different factors relate in the end. i would read that article just for the sake of learning rather i had a specific question or not. maybe it doesn't have to be a buying guide, just an article on how everything contributes to a drums sound.

i agree this site has got just about everything you could ever need in one place or another and it's basically became my encyclopedia for anything i wanna know about drums, but i would like to be able to find what i want quicker, easier and get back to fun stuff like drooling over other people's kits.
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