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Default Re: what do your band mates do as a job.

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I get called sparky over here too, but the other nicknames must be a European thing.

Plus plastering is a dead art here basically speaking.

I don't work around the other trades too much, I'm mainly a residential guy who doesn't get into new construction, too much el cheapo labor. Plus I was supposed to be a drummer, not an electrician, so it's not like I was born with a contractors frame of mind.

I never understood why your generators spin at 3000 RPMs (50 hz) and US generators spin at 3600 RPM's (60 hz). Why don't they standardize it? Maybe meet in the middle, 55hz?

What is the voltage of your normal outlets that you would plug a computer into?
Here it's 120.

No we use 240 volts, for single phase, i.e. residential, i.e. what we would plug our computors into, and 400 volts for 3 phase, i.e ofices etc...,
Our plug tops have a 13amp fuse built in, thats why when i was young and cocky, i use to get electric shocks, but at 230 and 400 volts, it use to hurt, alot,
i learnt the hard way.

I can never understand why your plugs are only 2 pin thou with no earth, is it becoause you run with 120 volts maybe.

When i was a young apprentice, i worked breifly with a yank sparks, man this guy had a tool belt, with everything on it, man i had a tool box to put tools in, but this guy just carried it around his waist, 1st time i saw that. But you could always here him coming thou..
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