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Default Re: what do your band mates do as a job.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
My band is led by a medical doctor
Bass player is a fine instrument appraisal guy (Think $100,000.00 dollar violins and celllos)
Rhythm guitarist is a painter
Me, an electrician too Woz.


Here in England, when on site, we call

Eelectricians - Sparks
Carpenters - Chippys
Plasters - Spreads
Plumbers - John
Bricklayers - Brickies

etc... is that the same country wide, or just here, Us Sparks thou, are still at the top of the construction tree,

Think when i was young thou, i stuck my hand into to many live busbar chambers, as i like to play at a frequancy of 50 Hertz.

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