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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
I'm also with Stan/ he wasn't my favorite either/I'm Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, DeJohnette, Bonham, Blakey, Morello/ although he's certainly the next guy on my own favorite meter. ...

I think where Rich separated himself from others was in his way of mastering the intense technical concepts musically while still remaining exciting both live and on recordings. Believe it or not intensity is a wholly musical concept, and playing like he did while forwarding that kind of energy is a very special thing. Yeah you hear guys play with a lot of chops, but that broad electrical intensity just isn't there. ...
Nice point about intensity Matt. That is my favourite aspect of drumming these days. And that's propably the only part I like from Buddy Rich. But still to me Williams does it even better and it's not about the polyrhythms and the notey stuff. It's the sense of dark force of anxiety landing from the dark depths from his soul that I really enjoy. That's the main thing I look for in a drummer these days. How does he make me feel when I listen to him? How does he direct that energy to the band, how does the band respond to it? Really hard concept to talk about especially on an internet forum... This is the sort of stuff that is really hard to teach to anyone. Anyone can have chops because that's teachable and only takes time and dedication but how do you teach someone to put yourself in such metal state that these guys (Rich & Williams) goes through when they play? The absolute best compliment I have ever gotten for my own playing was this older horn player who said to me that it's really rare to see a drummer that is so emotionally invested. I think Buddy is a bit lacking on the emotional side of things (for me) but the intensity sure is there.

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