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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Try saying that to our 6' 2", 230lb super fit key player! No way, he'd rip your head off & s*^t down your neck!
I hear you, but just remeber, keys players are just wanabe drummers, as the piano, is in fact a pecussion instrument, and keys players, always wanted to play the drums, but were to scared to hit the real thing, in case the sound hurt their ears, (and rightly so, always wear protection), instead they go and hit little keys, instead, and becouse they are hitting something, they think they are cool, W@*K!#S, when instead they are just 6 foot someting 230 pounds of EGO !!!! oh yes and 6 foot + of fairy.

KIS, i am LOL ing at this.

Nice one Pollystripper, you gave me an isea for a new thread.
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