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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
LOL, Aydee.

My friend, I'm sure you are familar with the old saying "akin to feeding caviar to swine"?
The phrase is "pearls before swine" but I do know what you mean ; )

Have you looked at his blue period? Thats before all the cubist abstractions set in he got into all that funky distortion and poly rhythmic 3D multi dimensional effect that he was eventually known for.

He was quite a different artist then. ( Some of my favorite works by him are actually sketches that his did during that time.. very different but you can sort of see where he was going.. )

Yea, Barcelona would be great. I've never been there. Its the most artistic city in the world! ( I know you're thinking Florence or Paris, but naw... overrated, both places. Everything is in museums....doesn't count ) In Barcelona, there's art & music screaming at you form every corner. The architecture, the paintings, sculpture, flamenco guitars, gypsy music everywhere. Plus they've got the Guernica.

Lets make a plan. what say?

Polly, your turn, Lets double team him.


PS- I like the point you make about it being enjoyable to listen to stuff thats made up of passion and skill.

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