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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Not quite the same, PFOG. If you're an artist then it's fair to assume that you are very keen on art. If you are an artist who doesn't like Picasso, you might want to explore what people see in his work because it might open up some enjoyable and useful things to explore.

If you're not an artist and have only a cursory interest in art, who cares? You like what you like, full stop. Learning more about art might enrich your life, but it's no biggie. BTW, Picasso is my fave artist, daylight second :)

Same with the Buddy thing. If you're a drummer, there may be things to be gained from working out what others see in him. Agree that it's a personal choice whether to check out those aspects of playing or to limit your options. After all, there are many other drummers and aspects of drumming to explore.

For me, anyone who plays with Buddy's passion and skill is worth listening to.
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