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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
A few years ago Art Verdi gave me a home made DVD that had 10 years of Buddy Rich appearences on that old Johnny Carson Show. At first glance you could watch one of those shows and think Geez he's kind of a jerk. But then I watched another, then another, then another and you know what? 90% of that stuff was a routine that had been worked out between Rich and Carson to where both guys knew their role in the gimmick and responded accordingly. It was vaudeville and that's where Rich came from. And Rich's vaudeville gimmick was being a wise guy.

Yeah, he had his schtick. I also stayed up late to watch him and Johnny and sometimes Ed. It was the link you had the pro world of drumming before youtube came along.

Great story Matt about the trombomist. Thanks for sharing that.
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