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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by Woz.275 View Post
We have a player in the band, who we have the same problem with, Mr EGO, W@*k%r.

I just tell him to shut the F%*k up, it works..

We orgnally started up as a four pieace, then went down to a 3 peiace band, and you all had to work a bit harder to make the wall of sound, then we went back to a four, and now to a 5 Peace band, were now we all have to back right of, if you dont, then sound sounds really mushy and does not sound good,

Keys players, arty farty fairy's.
Haha Woz, your band might be a tad blokier than my one. There's me, a gay designer, an editor and two scientists ... the keys player is the blokiest guy in the band and no one would ever think of him as being a fairy ... but we are ALL 100% dedicated arty farties :)

If I told anyone to STFU the whole band would either laugh, thinking I was clowning, or be thinking "OMG, she's gone completely mad" (they already know I'm somewhat mad).

Agree about the 4-to-5 piece change and even though we've always been 5-piece. When guitar or keys guys have been away, some songs are perfectly workable without them. The one I attached earlier sounds great as a four-piece and only has space for bits and pieces early on and a solo at the end but he plays almost nonstop from go to whoa.

Latest plan: I've just suggested a re-arrangement of a song that hasn't been working as well as we'd like - I'll play no drums in the first half of the song, which will be mostly guitar and vocs. We'd be playing the first half like an acoustic cover version of the song I found on YouTube, while the latter half would be more like the original.

Feedback for the idea so far is good (I've visualised it and I'm sure it will work well). I'm going to look for more places to get the drums dropping out and laying back ... that way, at least, there's be some more space in the music. So, when I talk about leaving space, then maybe the others will think more seriously about it.

If I lay back in a whole bunch of songs and he steps up and plays even more to fill those spaces, then I will tell him to STFU!
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