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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Fox622003 View Post
That's exactly what I said, perhaps you didn't get the sarcasm.
Someone quated Buddy as saying something like he never played outside of the performances, and never practised. As someone who loves the instrument, how could he not play outside performances? So, he just watched TV and picked up girls? Only developed techniques live? Come on...
As someone else said, Buddy was a nice drummer, that played nicely, but he's constantly mentioned as the best by too many people. It's similar to how I feel about Ian Paice, who at least doesn't go around constantly saying to everyone how good he is.

I'll just add that I admire many of the greats since i'm no singular Buddy fanboy by any stretch but a seasoned pro jazz veteran who always gives those who deserve it credit for what they brought to the table for the music and instrument with the BS talk around them or their personal lives in a very distant 3rd on the list. Even another one of my all time favorites Jack Dejohnette in an interview said if you want to hear one of the truly great examples of Big Band drumming and how to play and interpret an arrangement as a drummer listen to Buddy on West Side Story was his for me too.

The clips I recently provided are all the proof needed what he left behind as a a Big Band drummer and with those who use their ears, emotions and intelligence, cutting all the other bias BS issues out of the mix, speaks for itself in my view Fox.

Like I say for those who think it was a piece of cake to set up a large band like Buddy did show us what you have to compare for me and the rest of the musical community to judge on its on individual merits. Actions speak much louder than all the "talk" in the world on a real live stage situation in front of folks or what can be captured by recorded history....... in the end.


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