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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Secondly, I'm inclined to take less than half of what the media makes of anybody as gospel. I happen to be close to the Jaco Pastorius' family, and I do known that Jaco was another victim of one-sided stories that became mythic and don't reveal the real person in the least.

I hear ya Abe. I could imagine that even in an internet forum folks would quabble about what has actually been said. :P

If anybody has ever been quoted in a newspaper, you will come to ask, "did I say that?" Folks are going to use the fodder for their own reward. And once you're talking about mass culture and a time line like Buddy or Jaco, legend and mythology rules. By the way, you know, Michael Jackson slept with snakes.

I think that you are even clearer when stating that you cannot base an understanding of ones artistic or intellectual capacity on some other flaw or character trait that one may or may not like.
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