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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Boomka View Post
Let me get this straight; if someone is good at something, we can't make moral judgments about their behaviour outside of the thing they do well? I mean, their acts take place "in the world" as much as whatever it is they're good at. Not sure I can buy that.
You could, but that would be out of context and judgmental IMO.. ; )
Its the fallibility of the human condition that makes us want to believe that anyone who has done anything great in this world would/should automatically be a great guy.
And if in our opinion he didn't quite measure up to our moral benchmark, well, then his life work couldn't be all THAT great.

Secondly, I'm inclined to take less than half of what the media makes of anybody as gospel. I happen to be close to the Jaco Pastorius' family, and I do know that Jaco was another victim of one-sided stories that became mythic and dont reveal the real person in the least.

Third, I generalize but I do believe that all so called geniuses are essentially flawed and somewhat unbalanced people. To constantly ask so much of themselves usually means somethings got to give somewhere.

History is littered with examples.


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