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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Fox622003, when Jay Norem/ con struct/ and I agree on something then hell has truly frozen over. Your post just revolutionized Biblical climate change. Congratulations.

Bottom line-Buddy Rich suffers from an army of crazed hero worshippers who do little to forward his legacy and only worsen this uneducated historical revision of who he actually was. I truly believe that is why you see some of this ignorant backlash and that's unfortunate.

But you guys who pretend to know him then try to pick apart his playing are living in a dream world.

When I read someone slam his playing or make some tragically hip crack about how they thought he was the greatest than outgrew all that, all that makes me think is how much you still have to learn, alongside silence is golden. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say the same to any pro drummer here who spouts that nonsense too, and will accuse you of bandwagon jumping, because it's a silly discussion and you know it.

I also totally agree with Aydee and this ego as indictment stuff. The only people who judge artistic ego this harshly are people who don't play very much and have no business talking about it in these terms, plain and simple. Fact is Rich would only be one in a line 1000 miles longer than the nice guy line where you find Louie Bellson and a couple of others.

Besides not a one of you knew him to make these comments anyway, and only do so to impress on a drum forum. Great artists are complex people and Rich was one of the most complex of all. When my dad was young Rich once got mad and fired him over nothing then turned around and paid his university tuition for a semester.

I think that when engaging in these kinds of discussions it's best to stay out of deep water when you don't know how to swim. Fox, as I have told you before your own playing has a long way to go before making these kinds of comments.

Ancient history? Well if I were you I would become an archeologist and find Rich's left hand as soon as possible because it would do your playing wonders.

There's an expression in the US about being able to play as cute as you talk. Words to live by man. Yeah anyone can have opinions///playing aside. But there's also a big talk line, and you just crossed it.
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