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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
All these horror stories are kind of frightening me.

My band is currently short of a bassist, and the keyboardist and guitarist are desperate. Then again, I don't know anybody, and this is southern Maryland. They currently have this one guy who's never picked up a bass before up for audition. I'm thinking "Nope!".
Dont be frightened. When David Byrne of Talking Heads could'nt find a bass player he talked his art school friend Tina Weymouth into trying it.
Tina Weymouth, a bass beginner when she joined the group, developed a minimalist style that drew on R&B, rock, and West Indian styles. Weymouth’s simple three-note verse line on “Psycho Killer” defines the song. Elsewhere, her tubby, melodic sub-hooks on songs like “Pulled Up” supply a perky, rocking pulse.

They made music history together. You never know, if you dont try it.

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