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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Hands down this gets my vote for the stupidest post of the year, and we've still got four months to go.
Yes indeed Jay...and the outrageous comment that Buddy hated the drums and drumming. What? Hello?

Buddy LOVED the drums and you can HEAR IT in every note he played on the instrument by himself or with the or leave it but cut the crap comments please and forget the person and FOCUS on the player.

Anyone who thinks he brought nothing to the table and is not worth a can of beans can imagine themselves sitting on his throne setting up and playing all the figures and tempo changes etc...etc... with the band on this very high level of musical performance on this concert live recording. By the way this IS the film footage from Ronnie Scott's of "Time Being" from the "Rich in London" album.

Any takers? Fox perhaps?


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