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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

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Buddy Rich was an egomaniac, a poor human being, and personally, his drumming is ancient history to me. Sure, he can't had played when we wasn't doing shows; he hated drumming, why would he do it in his spare time? Come on...

You've insulted EVERY drummer that has come since him because EVERY drummer has been directly influenced by Buddy Rich whether they realize it or not.

What some perceive as 'ego' was supreme confidence in himself as reflected in his superhuman drive to perform at a level nobody else could. He demanded competency from the musicians he hired the same way any business owner would demand the best from their employees. You called him a 'poor human being', but a 'poor human being' wouldn't create a tremendous adoration and excitement for music like Buddy and his sidemen created.

A 'poor human being' would detract from, or deride those who aimed to enlighten others to the joys of music, which is exactly what you are doing Fox. As far as 'his drumming is ancient history to me.' goes, I suggest you put up or shut up. If you are as hawt sheet as you think you are, this should be easy to prove how much better you are at drums than Buddy was. I don't expect you will be able to do that.
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