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Default Re: The MacBook Report

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Three years ago for me too, Bob. I bought mine in June 2007. I've done a lot of good work using it. I have almost come to think of it as another musical instrument. I learned to use Finale on my MacBook. (I'd been using Encore on my ancient Macintosh IId.) Hell, I learned about the internet on it. I'd never used the internet before, didn't have an email address, nothing.

I've spent some twelve-hour days on it, writing charts. A keyboard, a MacBook, Finale and Cubase, gosh, what more do you need?

So my attachment to my MacBook is profound. I've carried it with me everywhere I've traveled, it's the guts of my little home studio and the damn thing has never once caused any problems, not one.
Just like you Jay, I never had a computer before that I could work well enough to do all of the things that I wanted to do. I would go on the net and simply view web pages.
I would try things on my PC and fail. I would get discouraged and quit!

When I got my Mac, I didn't fail! I did what I wanted to do. I went on the net and I was able to learn about it and how things worked. I learned how to work Garage Band and record music. I learned how to load, edit, and post video on You Tube.
iTunes has been a Godsend to me! I had tried the Windows media software and I always had problems using it.
IPhoto also allowed me to get it right without trial and error.

Next week, I am on vacation. I am going to buy my first keyboard and I am going to take the lessons offered through GarageBand.
I'm sure that I will learn and progress.
I have always wanted to play the piano and I have the confidence that I can do it.
Mostly because of Apple, and my Mac!

Just like you, If I leave the house, and I realize that my MacBook isn't with me, I turn around and fetch it.

One day, I didn't bring my MacBook to work. I had to use the shop PC to get all of my information to help me repair the high tech cars that I work on.
I was hopeless! I was a Babe-In-The-Woods on the PC.
Without Safari as my browser, I was lost!

I would like to coin a new computer phrase, I am a MacPerson!
I give Apple permission to use it. MacPerson, I like it!
I kind of like old drums:)

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