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Default suggestion - yeah another one....

how about a buying guide? not a gear review, not a comparison between brands and such or anything like that. just a simple (yet not so simple) list fo factors to help people decide what to look for..

drum kits
how wood density effects sound hard vs soft vs brass vs. steel and so on
construction, ply vs stave vs solid
factors on diam. vs. depth

b8 vs b20, hand hammered vs pressed

single vs double ply, vented, muffled, clear, coated

you get the idea

take out all the subjective "sounds better, brand stuff" and just the actual facts of what certain things do and how they effect sound. i replaced my snare heads today and i went searching for info on what to look for and the vast majority of the posts are what people like and preffer and not a lot of facts about the different properties of heads. granted there were some things scattered here and there but i ended up spending over a week searching and scrolling just to find out what type of head i wanted to try. just thought it would be good if there was one article to read that covered all the variables to help people understand how everything worked rather then millions of posts.

edit: knowing the people on here there probably is one somewhere and my little pea brain just didn't see it.....
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