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Default Re: Educational Supplies Rant

And unfortunately, in this economy, music will continue its present course of being underfunded. The people running the institutions are saying that academically, students aren't cutting it when compared to the rest of the world, so they'll poor their money into more academics, and of course, sports because they have a demand for it.

But here in CA, there are alot of schools who are functioning without financial help from their districts. When I went to school, my parents helped start a weekend swap meet that continues to this day. At the high point that activity was generating at least $5,000 a month to pay for band expenses. It was really weird to get used to getting handed a blank check to go buy what the drumline needed, or if they needed new uniforms, write a check!

I think these schools are an exception, and it really takes a good music director to become an equally good administrator, and unfortunately, institutions make it so hard for people just to be teachers, you have to be exceptionally dedicated. When you look at what starting teachers get paid after they've deferred all their student loans to get through school, I'm not surprised most don't go the extra mile to get things going.
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