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Default Re: Educational Supplies Rant

A little background:

I live in Southern Maryland, an area that's kind of like Texas, except with more trees and more understandable southern accents.

In my county, there are three high schools, one of which is placed in a town that could really only be called a post office, or a zipcode. Thirty years ago, a very large majority of my county was farmland. My school is also located in the middle of a manufactured home park, or for lack of a better word a trailer park, which houses a lot of the school's lower income bracket students and their families.

In total, my high school's marching band in the year of 2010 will have just under 60 people marching. My high school's student population generally hover between 1,000 to 1,500, maybe going between 1,500 and 2,000. And those last numbers are pretty heavy maybes.

When I started this thread, I expected a lot of replies to be "Eh, you don't have it so rough, when I was your age...", but that's kind of my point. We're not one, or two, or three decades ago. We're now, and my school has had over sixty years to develop. Maybe I'm a whiner, but I'm allowed to think that music is underfunded.
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