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Default Re: The MacBook Report

no macbook for me, hp pavilion custom job. never had any problems with it except the damn power cord keeps breaking (the cord itself not the computer connection) but thats becuase of how i keep it sitting. 5 years old now and still top of the line and quick as hell.

i do own a 3 year old ipod thats been replaced 4 times from hard drive failure and twice for headphone jack failure. from what i hear the ipod classics have major problems with those 2 things going out. used to be a 160gb but last time i had to have it replaced all they could give me was the 120gb since they stopped making the 160's.

i've done lots of work on imacs and macbooks and yeah their very sturdy computers that last forever. when i upgrade my music editing computer i'm thinking i might go mac but it will be a hard choice since i tend to upgrade everything myself and my music computer is a slick beast from hell and probably not going to get upgraded for a decade or so....
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